Fever!   Oh for fuck sake.  I woke this morning in a familiar frenzied delirium.  Not actually with a fever.  Just frenzied.  Just really horny actually.

I know exactly who to blame this on.  This is a contagious condition and I spent last weekend in the company of a boy with severe chronic symptoms.

I did my morning’s hour of work and got back in to bed to writhe a bit and call a friend.  She suggested I treat myself manually.  I’d already beat her to it.  Twice.

Nothing to do but seriously consider jumping the plumber downstairs and continue to revel in my sickness until I’d passed on the itch over the phone and somewhat steadied myself for sane interaction.

It’s still bad.  I need a nurse.


By the way, I promise to be more faithful here.

Though I may have to resort to taking out my physical frustrations through the  misuse of words.

Lust, not love, is an overpowering and contagious physical affliction.


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