This is what eating Play-dough should be like.

– Molly?  Do you know how to make these lolly-pop sticks?

– Molly.   Actually this is how eyes go like.  With broken bits.


– Molly?

– Yeah?

– My love is all gone.

–  Oh.  I love you, Jackson.  Lots and lots.  Why is your love gone?

– I gave it away to Joe.  He didn’t give it back.  But when you give your love away you are supposed to get it back…   always.


Their mother has gone to Australia for three weeks.  And their Dad is generally pretty busy, so I’ll be the one keeping them alive and clean and stuff. 

 Just as she was on her way out the door to the airport, she pointed out a new house-plant and appointed me as its keeper.  But what if it’s too much?  One too many straws for my camel?  Which of my charges can I more safely neglect if it comes to that?  The boys might survive on ruthless wild instinct…  but in their search for fodder, they may turn on the plant…  or on the rest of us. 

The plant has to go. 

How does one discreetly dispose of a purple Hyacinth?


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